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Roof Drone Inspection

We provide roofing & building maintenance works in Dublin. We specialise in all roofing related projects from maintenance to completely new installations.

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Perfect for commercial, industrial and residential buildings, our drone roof survey offers a number of benefits

Drone surveys reveal roofing faults

It’s often hard to see any potential roofing faults which need attention simply by looking at a roof from the ground. If you are a householder, you may want to see any faults a roofer says need fixing just to be sure. Take away the doubt by commissioning a drone survey by Peak Roofing. It is sensible, especially with older properties, to have your roof inspected every 5 years or so just to make sure any undiscovered problems don’t become worse and more expensive to fix later on, once water damage becomes obvious. Our surveys are free if we discover any faults that you subsequently ask us to repair for you. A drone surveys cost between £150 to £250 depending on the size and complexity of the roof, if we don’t find any problems, or if you subsequently use someone else to carry out the repairs. Either way, drone surveys give peace of mind that your roof is still protecting your property from water damage.